Diagnodent Laser Diagnosis

Diagnodent Laser DiagnosisIdentifying and restoring decayed teeth is one of the most important things we do for our patients here at Wood Dental Associates. Because even the tiniest areas of decay can threaten the entire tooth, it is vitally important to find and restore cavities early to help prevent future problems. Using the latest in dental technology, we diligently search and feel for cavities in fissure lines or chewing surfaces on the teeth. Because this mechanical method is only 50-75 percent effective, we have adapted a new, revolutionary method of detecting decay called Diagnodent.

Using a simple laser diode, Diagnodent inspects your teeth, comparing reflection wavelengths against an established healthy baseline wavelength to help identify tooth decay. The laser will first be aimed onto one of your healthy tooth surfaces to give us a baseline reading. Then, we continue inspecting all surface areas of your remaining teeth. As the laser examines the fissures, grooves and cracks of your teeth, it reflects a fluorescent light of a specific wavelength, which is measured by receptors and evaluated electronically to reveal a value between one and 100. Readings of 30 and above signify definite decay and would require a filling.

Diagnodent allows us to recognize areas of decay at its earliest stages and correct them sooner, ultimately enabling us to prevent more serious dental problems in the future.

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