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    With our dental team, you can be assured that we are making every effort to EXCEED your expectations for comfort, care, cosmetics and kindness. We believe in individualized care with all treatment being tailored to the particular wants and needs of each patient. We have a particular passion for what we do, and it is demonstrated in the level of service we provide. All care is performed to the highest standards of precision, with the highest quality of materials, and by people with the highest level of skill, integrity and concern. We are good people who happen to be great at dentistry.

    We have a very attractive waiting area with HDTV & DVD, refreshments, CURRENT magazines & periodicals (including the daily Buffalo News and USA Today), a beautiful salt water aquarium, and High-Speed Internet access to check your e-mail or surf the web.

    Dr. Wood has great consideration for your time since nobody likes to wait well past their appointment time. So with few exceptions, his patients are seen in a timely manner with convenient appointment hours, including early mornings and evenings. Unless there are more pressing needs, your first visit will usually include a digital 3D Imaging survey, a thorough oral exam, an oral cancer screening and a cleaning. Dr. Wood will inform you of any dental disease that he diagnoses, and of the recommended treatments necessary to restore your teeth to excellent dental health. He may also suggest optional cosmetic dental procedures that could greatly enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile.

    Our treatment theaters feature Flat Screen HDTV, Intraoral video cameras, digital (low-radiation) X-ray systems, electric (low noise) hand pieces, high-speed internet access, and noise cancelling headphones should you desire them. Upon release, you will be given a warm lemon-scented towelette and refreshing mouthwash to tidy up before you show the world your dazzling smile. At Wood Dental, we can't do enough to make your visit a remarkable experience!

    We use the very latest forms of sterilization on all our instruments, equipment, and treatment areas for your utmost safety. To further protect your health, we use self-contained water systems using fresh, distilled water (using our own in-office distiller) in each one of our treatment theaters. What are the advantages of self-contained water systems? Dental waterlines, because of low water pressure, low flow rates, frequent periods of stagnation, and other factors, encourage any bacteria introduced from the public water supply to accumulate within the tubing. The result is output water that is often many times more contaminated than tap water from the faucet in the same treatment room. Self-contained water systems isolate the dental unit from the municipal water supplies, instead providing distilled water or treatment solution from reservoirs filled and maintained by our staff. They allow our staff to control the quality of water that is used in the unit. Bottom line, we do everything we can to ensure that the water we use in your mouth is as safe as possible.

    Wood Dental Associates

    • Wood Dental Associates - 564 Franklin St., Buffalo, NY 14202 Phone: 716-882-0800

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