Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry 1At Wood Dental Associates, we are proud to offer the latest PAIN-FREE dental procedure! With the latest laser dentistry techniques, drills, needles and numbness is usually eliminated. In the hands of Dr. Wood, the dental laser provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the chances of damaging healthy tissue, ultimately keeping your teeth healthier and stronger. Laser dentistry allows Dr. Wood to perform many procedures that previously required a referral to a specialist.

By visiting Wood Dental, you’ll have the opportunity to experience this new and exciting technology. There are numerous types of lasers used for various procedures in dentistry. We have an Er/Yag laser for hard tissue applications, and both a CO2 and Diode laser for soft tissue applications. We also have a laser that helps us diagnose the early stages of decay. Dr. Wood knows which types of patient care are more patient-friendly with a laser than with alternative traditional methods. He has devoted a great deal of training time and expense to be able to bring you the many advantages of this exciting new technology.

Laser Dentistry 2In most cases, the dental laser can be used instead of a drill and without the use of anesthetic. Some of the procedures dental lasers are used for include:

  • Reshaping of the gumline
  • Reduction of the periodontal pocketing around the teeth
  • The ability to biopsy lesions
  • Root canal therapy
  • Remove or treat cold sores, herpes sores or severe ulcers in the mouth

Laser Dentistry 3Laser dentistry provides a safe, virtually painless and effective alternative to the use of drills. Laser surgery helps to reduce the need for local anesthetic; it also minimizes bleeding, controls swelling and minimizes postoperative discomfort.

Dr. Wood has been awarded Level 1 proficiency certificates by the Academy of Laser Dentistry for Er/Yag, CO2, and Diode lasers, and has extensive training in their use.

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